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Brenda L. Agren Law Corporation - Areas of Expertise

Child Custody & Paternity

Ms. Agren has many years of experience in representing clients in settlement of custody and visitation arrangements as well as complex litigation involving mental health professionals and other experts. She has handled custody/visitation and paternity disputes between parents as well as involving non-parents in both family law and guardianship matters.

Child & Spousal Support

Ms. Agren has experience in child/spousal support legal issues involving salaried wage earners as well as the self-employed at various stages in the legal proceedings including initial orders for support, trial orders and post-Judgment modifications of support.

Property Division & Other Issues in Dissolution of Marriage

Ms. Agren represents clients with marital estates ranging from the modest to the lavish. She utilizes respected, experienced forensic accountants and other experts as needed if the property division involves self-employed individuals and business/professional practice valuations. When the case is well-prepared, Ms. Agren is often able to negotiate settlements; however, she also litigates cases which do not settle.

Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders

Ms. Agren has represented many clients with good results in these matters which can seriously impact other family law issues in a case such as custody and have other serious legal consequences.
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